God of Light


Light the world with the god of light



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God of Light is a puzzle game where players have to direct the rays of light from the main character (the god of light) in order to illuminate the world screen by screen.

The game is made up of 75 levels divided between three different worlds. Your mission is always to illuminate the light source that has been put out, while at the same time lighting up the three crystals placed in the level.

In order to do this, players have to use their finger to direct the different rays of light, making them reflect off of different surfaces such as mirrors and prisms to create a web of light. You earn the most points by completely lighting up the level.

One of the strong points of God of Light is, without a doubt, its spectacular graphics. The game has a gorgeous modeling system and lighting that one would expect more from a console video game than from a game for mobile devices.

God of Light is an outstanding puzzle game that, in addition to having a very entertaining mechanics, also has enchanting graphics and a control system that is perfectly adapted to touch screens.

Requires Android 2.3.3 or higher.

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